10 things to do while bedridden by depression

Bedridden and bored

Being bedridden by depression is bad enough without adding boredom to the experience. What are you supposed to do? You are not alone in staying in bed; forums are dedicated to it. I have spent months in bed either sleeping or lying awake but physically in pain, weak and fatigued. Over the years I have found a number of ways to combat boredom while being able to stay in bed.

10 Activities to do in bed

1. Watch YouTube– You can watch a wide variety of subject matter live and pre-recorded. Its free and enjoyable and doesn’t require much of an attention span. For those who don’t know, depression can cause impaired concentration; I watch YouTube instead of reading.
2. Volunteer at WikiHow– Its fun to answer questions and edit articles. I have started to write articles here and it is a pleasant community to be a part of. The most popular article I had the pleasure to start has over 13, 000 views. You can view it here: How to ship chocolate covered strawberries.
3. Read about depression– Even though we suffer from clinical depression we still need to learn to understand what is happening to us. Sometimes I need a reminder of what the symptoms are before I blame myself for not being fully with it.
4. Take a courseEdx will let you browse the actual course material for free; you will need to pay for a verified certificate of completion. Go at your own pace in a class you love. Coursera also has great courses from major universities and colleges to improve your knowledge and expand your mind.
5. Learn a hobby– Read and learn about your favourite hobby or find a new one that you can do in bed. You can order the materials you need from Amazon and have it shipped directly to you quickly.
6. Watch Netflix– Netflix has movies and TV episodes that let you go back and watch where you left off. If you fell asleep or couldn’t concentrate anymore you won’t miss a thing! New programs are added frequently.
7. Read- Browse you local library’s website for the opportunity to download books to read. The service is free of charge and you can choose from a wide selection. You can even lend magazines.
8. Talk on the phone– Get social if you can; its important to keep in touch with people so you aren’t left alone and lonely. If you really can’t talk to anyone today try texting a friend or family member just to say hi.
9. Browse social media– Watch cute animal folly clips and people acting crazy. Sites that will keep you entertained include Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.
10. Listen to music– Make sure your headphones are handily near your bedside so you can listen to soothing music to help combat stress and negative thoughts. If you are having trouble sleeping set the sleep timer and try to fall asleep to pleasant sounds or even a talk show.
These are only a few activities to do while you are bedridden in bed. What do you do that isn’t on the list? How does it help you out?



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