What a good post! It really got me thinking, thank you 😊


Superman is amazing superhero to look up to as well as Wonder Woman, The Hulk, Storm, Iron Man, Wolverine, and many others. We concentrate on different superheroes and end up forgetting on our own ABILITIES. Some individuals may do it on accident but many have little or absolutely no faith at all in their own abilities to even consider themselves to be on the exact same level as each of them. 💡Why on earth many doubt their own abilities?💡

Just to show it’s perfectly normal and okay👌 to admit the statement I posted in the beginning of this…I AM A PART OF THAT GROUP WHO LOST FAITH IN THEIR OWN ABILITIES. I am one who truly believe the quote that says “WHEN YOU KNOW BETTER, DO BETTER”. With that said I am in fact working on it in my life still. In other words , don’t feel…

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