Less exercise equals more symptoms of depression study says

Science discovery shows the correlation between exercise and depression symptoms

A news article from Science Daily suggests that lack of exercise increases the symptoms of depression. I’ve noticed that when I go for long walks, I feel fantastic, if I have enough energy to do so. Fatigue, heaviness and bodily aches and pains has prevented me from exercising as much as I would like to. It is very disappointing because I would like to follow these suggestions, but I cannot do so all the time.

Seasonal affective disorder and exercise

I bought a gym membership for my birthday and eagerly went 3 times per week in the pool and in the gym. Then the days got darker and colder and that is when SAD started to weigh me down. SAD is seasonal affective disorder and it caused me to hibernate this past winter. I had to take a leave of absence from work and now I no longer have the job. I am a happy optimist when I am feeling better but now I wonder if I will ever be able to hold down a job.

When I found work writing online at an advertising agency, I was relieved that I could choose my own hours. At the time I had insomnia and it was starting to become extremely aggravating. When summer arrived, I was out in the morning on daily walks to the edge of the mountain. Now this is living life really on the edge because every morning I battled thoughts of suicide. Being near the edge of the mountain was not a good idea, but there are waterfalls and lush vegetation that I find to be very therapeutic to be around.

Eating healthy and feeling good

I started to eat salmon twice per week and added lots of vegetables to my meals. So, I became known for eating healthy, but this didn’t keep SAD away. My light that is used to treat SAD sat untouched because I was too tired to turn it on at times last November. The doctor said I should start using it in September. Eventually I used it every day and with the addition of Vitamin D drops I felt slightly more energetic.

Pain and tiredness prevents exercise

When I exercise I understand that it is beneficial to me; if I’m too tired I really can’t just get up and go no matter how much I want to feel better. It is frustrating when I’m told by my doctor to exercise when I am physically so tired and in pain. For about 7 months my back shoulder blade kept having spasms and when I stood and walked the pain intensified. I like to move, see new places, go to favourite places and when I am debilitated by depression it is almost too much to bear sometimes.

Exercise for Mood and Anxiety: Proven Strategies for Overcoming Depression and Enhancing Well-Being

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