Celebrities and depression in the news

Mariah Carey tells readers that she has bipolar disorder

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Mariah Carey 5 by David Shankbone

Mariah Carey suffered in silence while struggling with the illness

Mariah opened up during an exclusive interview with People magazine that she has been suffering for 17 years from bipolar disorder. The highly successful singer takes medication to manage the mental illness, exercises, uses acupuncture and eats nutritiously to keep herself as healthy as she can be. She thrives in the music studio and while she was undiagnosed, her making music was of tremendous benefit to her; it what she lives for the most besides caring for her children.

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She thought her troubles were due to sleep disturbances until she was finally diagnosed in 2001. Fans responded positively to her confession and many are praising her for being brave and helpful to many people who also suffer from a mental illness. Her words are encouraging and uplifting and true. Mental illness is isolating like she says, but now she doesn’t have to suffer in silence as she battles the condition that is characterized by depressive symptoms as well as mania.

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