The Importance of Mental Health Research When writing Fiction

Interesting combination of psychology and writing.


I’ve mentioned before that I believe we’re all psychologists at heart. The study of the human psyche fascinates us all because it gives us a better understanding of ourselves, but also everyone around us (friend and foe!). So today I have the pleasure of introducing another guest post from a fellow writer. Jillian spent countless hours researching the psychological disorders that she has incorporated into her script writing, so has some valuable information to share on why this is important and what it can mean for your stories. Thanks, Jillian!

There is no shortage of movies or books that deal with mental health issues. Sometimes the screenwriters or authors get it right and do a wonderful job and sometimes the portrayals of the characters are unrealistic or even absurd; think Jennifer Lawrence and Bradly Cooper in “Silver Lining Playbook” where both characters have some form of mental health problems. However…

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