Forgive yourself

Beauty from ashes

For all the words you didn’t say, still all tangled up in a web at the tip of your tongue.

For the moments you should have fought for someone , but instead you let them go .

It’s time to forgive yourself.

For all the times you’ve fallen short.

For the nights you said one thing and did another. For the days you tried and failed. For the moments you didn’t give your whole self because now you know better. Now you know that nothing beautiful blooms from half-hearted love.

It’s time to forgive yourself.

For the people you’ve hurt. You’ve apologized hundreds of times and now you need to truly heal and leave the past behind you. You realize how much words can break people .

For the anger you’ve felt. Maybe it was justified at the time, but so long has passed and it’s silly to cling to…

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